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  • Library filled with books on Biblically Responsibly Investing with Christian values, ethical investing, pro-life lifestyles.
    Pretty mom in brightly lit room thinking about future and morally responsible investing.
    the way you
    THINK about
    For over twenty years, Timothy Plan has
    helped investors achieve their financial goals,
    while investing in a morally responsible manner.
  • Family of three sitting in a park like setting talking to their daughter about their Biblical Responsible Investing views on investing.
    African-American girl holding dandelion thinking about her family and their Christian legacy through Biblically Responsible Investing.
    How much money is OK to have
    invested in abortion or pornography?
    The answer is
    Not a penny.
  • Park bench overlooking scenic lake in the fall season of life. Thinking maybe it is time to evaluate their investment based on Biblically Responsible Investing.
    Cheerful Latina girl holding handwritten thank you note referring to pro-life mutual fund.
    God's Money.
    Our foundational principle of investing is that
    God owns everything. This is why our funds take a
    pro-life, pro-family approach to investing—not only
    to benefit the investor but the broader culture.

Welcome to Timothy Plan - Biblically Responsible Investing

Someday will be here quicker than you think. Start investing today for college, retirement, a rainy day or whatever your financial goals may be. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have invested with integrity.

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3 Reasons to Invest

with Timothy Plan

Almost anyone can devote a little money to investing, and the sooner you start investing, the more your investment has the potential to grow.

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Our Screens

Biblically Responsible Investing

In 1994, we pioneered the first Biblically Responsible Investing through pro-life, pro-family screening standards. We will not invest a single penny into any company that violates our screens.

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Know Your Investments

(formerly the Hall of Shame)

We have compiled this sample list of thirty corporations to give investors a glimpse into our Biblically Responsible Investing screening criteria.

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Biblical Stewardship

take the free online study

This Biblical Stewardship study is a powerful tool for comprehensive financial understanding from proven scriptural truths.

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About us

Timothy Plan is more than just not investing in things. It’s about Kingdom Impact Investing—the impact money has by being placed with companies that don’t participate in activities contrary to scripture.

What we offer

Middle aged dad sitting with son reading paper learning about Christian financial planning thinking to himself, Am I  being good enough steward or are some of my stocks chasing mammon or money? Starting to consider Biblically Responsible Investing.

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  Small Cap Value TPVIX $16.65 +0.16%
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  Aggressive Growth TIAGX $8.31 +0.07%
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  Fixed Income TPFIX $10.37 -0.02%
  High Yield Bond TPHIX $9.34 +0.02%
  International TPIIX $8.90 +0.08%
  Emerging Markets TIEMX $8.46 -0.04%
  Israel Common Values TICIX $17.58 +0.28%
  Defensive Strategies TPDIX $11.63 +0.01%

"The average Christian whose retirement program is in mutual funds or stocks managed by others has no clue where God's money is actually going."

Randy Alcorn: Author

"Every spending decision is a spiritual decision."

J. C. Ryle: Bishop of Liverpool

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose."

Jim Elliot: Missionary

"The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children."

Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Theologian

Our Story: Biblically Responsible Investing

What does it take to pioneer a new kind of investing? Faith in a God who directs our paths. In 1992, Arthur Ally, then president and owner of Covenant Financial Management, was challenged to design a retirement plan for pastors of independent churches and offer it on a national scale. Mr. Ally searched the entire investment industry for any professionally managed program that would complement the Christian world-view of evangelical pastors.

The search unveiled several Socially Responsible Investing funds, which only screened for a few social issues such as alcohol and tobacco, but none that screened for more central issues such as abortion and pornography. The Lord used this challenge to burden Mr. Ally and cause him to rethink the current investment culture and ask the Lord if there was a better way—a way that would honor the Lord and allow others to invest with a clean conscience. Though the name has changed over the years, Biblically Responsible Investing was the one that seemed to hit the mark.

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Founder and President, Art Ally offers advise on values based investing, faith based investing and Biblically Responsible Investing.

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