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Welcome to Timothy Plan - Biblically Responsible Family of Funds

Someday will be here quicker than you think. Start investing today for college, retirement, a rainy day or whatever your financial goals may be. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have invested with integrity.

The Impact of Principled Investing

Timothy Plan is more than simply not investing in things. Yes, the foundation of our platform is screening companies to make certain the ones we own do not participate in activities that stand contrary to our moral convictions. However, the importance of our mission is rooted every bit as much in our moral imperatives. Within those imperatives is the call to actively support the organizations and companies that are working to build the best possible future, by adhering to the Biblical principles of right and wrong. Through our support, and those like us, we will enable organizations with the most positive message to be the most influential in the future designs of our community.

Scripture warns that the volume of riches can increase, and the impact can lessen—if that increase in volume is offset by support of activities and ideologies that have a direct negative effect on our community. The impact of our investments affects more than the return column on our account statements, it enables companies of high moral character to establish a greater presence in our community at large—Kingdom Impact Investing.

Invest with purpose.

Invest with principles.

Invest with impact.

Impact Investing in a way that focuses on a healthy, moral environment that surrounds our children everyday.

Investing with Timothy Plan

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Daily Prices

Fund Name Ticker Cusip Price Change
  Small Cap Value TPLNX 887432409 Unknown Unknown
  Large/Mid Cap Value TLVAX 887432607 Unknown Unknown
  Large/Mid Cap Growth TLGAX 887432789 Unknown Unknown
  Aggressive Growth TAAGX 887432813 Unknown Unknown
  Growth & Income TGIAX 887432383 Unknown Unknown
  Fixed Income TFIAX 887432888 Unknown Unknown
  High Yield Bond TPHAX 887432615 Unknown Unknown
  International TPIAX 887432631 Unknown Unknown
  Emerging Markets TPEMX 887432540 Unknown Unknown
  Israel Common Values TPAIX 887432565 Unknown Unknown
  Defensive Strategies TPDAX 887432581 Unknown Unknown
  Strategic Growth TSGAX 887432763 Unknown Unknown
  Conservative Growth TCGAX 887432730 Unknown Unknown
Fund Name Ticker Cusip Price Change
  Small Cap Value TSVCX 887432839 Unknown Unknown
  Large/Mid Cap Value TLVCX 887432805 Unknown Unknown
  Large/Mid Cap Growth TLGCX 887432680 Unknown Unknown
  Aggressive Growth TCAGX 887432698 Unknown Unknown
  Growth & Income TGCIX 887432375 Unknown Unknown
  Fixed Income TFICX 887432862 Unknown Unknown
  High Yield Bond TPHCX 887432599 Unknown Unknown
  International TPICX 887432623 Unknown Unknown
  Emerging Markets TPECX 887432532 Unknown Unknown
  Israel Common Values TPCIX 887432557 Unknown Unknown
  Defensive Strategies TPDCX 887432573 Unknown Unknown
  Strategic Growth TSGCX 887432672 Unknown Unknown
  Conservative Growth TCVCX 887432664 Unknown Unknown
Fund Name Ticker Cusip Price Change
  Small Cap Value TPVIX 887432482 Unknown Unknown
  Large/Mid Cap Value TMVIX 887432474 Unknown Unknown
  Large/Mid Cap Growth TPLIX 887432490 Unknown Unknown
  Aggressive Growth TIAGX 887432524 Unknown Unknown
  Growth & Income TIGIX 887432367 Unknown Unknown
  Fixed Income TPFIX 887432466 Unknown Unknown
  High Yield Bond TPHIX 887432458 Unknown Unknown
  International TPIIX 887432516 Unknown Unknown
  Emerging Markets TIEMX 887432391 Unknown Unknown
  Israel Common Values TICIX 887432441 Unknown Unknown
  Defensive Strategies TPDIX 887432433 Unknown Unknown

Rethinking Stewardship

If a person gets his attitude toward money straight, it will help straighten out almost every other area in his life.

Billy Graham: Evangelist

There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.

C.S. Lewis: Novelist

We buy things we don't need with money we don't have to impress people we don't like.

Dave Ramsey: Author

Every spending decision is a spiritual decision.

J.C. Ryle: Bishop of Liverpool

Fund Availability

Timothy Plan funds are available through many major broker-dealers and hundreds of smaller advisory firms. Ask your broker about investing with Timothy Plan. If your firm or broker-dealer isn't familiar with TPL, please don't hesitate to call us.

Investor Relations

If your advisor cannot sell Timothy Plan or if you would like a recommendation for an advisor in your area, please call us at 800.846.7526.

Expect More from Your Mutual Fund

Our proven, decades-long approach to investing provides you with many great reasons to consider faith-based investing with us. Here are just a few:

  • Oldest pro-life, pro-family mutual fund family
  • Many investment options (IRAs, Coverdell, 403(b), 401(k), UGMA, and more)
  • $0 minimums for any retirement plans
  • Serve institutional and individual investors
  • Professionally manages assets
  • Multi-managed investment approach with over forty individual managers
  • Best-in-class money managers
  • A total of thirteen funds across five asset classes
  • Diversification within the same family of funds
  • Convenience of Mutual Fund investing and minimum investing