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  • US Small Cap Core ETF
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US Small Cap Core ETF
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Premium/Discount (continued)

1Q20 Total Premiums 33
1Q20 Total Discounts 29
2Q20 Total Premiums 43
2Q20 Total Discounts 16
3Q20 Total Premiums 57
3Q20 Total Discounts 5
4Q20 Total Premiums ___
4Q20 Total Discounts ___


Inception Date December 2, 2019
Ticker TPSC
Cusip 887432342
Category Small Cap Core
ISIN US8874323426
Exchange NYSE

Fund Details4,7 (as of 4/14/2021

NAV 32.91
NAV Change -0.03
NAV % Change 0.83%
Volume 684
Shares Outstanding 1,400,000.00
Net Assets $46,073,729.20

Fund Yield (TBD)

30 Day SEC Yield N/A
30 Day SEC Unsubsidized Yield N/A
12 Month Distribution N/A
Dividend Yield N/A

Fees (as of 12/02/19)

Gross Expense Ratio .52
Net Expenses Ratio .52

Top Ten Holdings

As of 04/15/2021
NameSymbolShares HeldMarket Value %Market Value $
MICRO STRATEGY INCMSTR748.000.88%$550,154
CASH AND CASH EQUIVALENTS515,079.930.82%$515,080
CLEAN ENERGY FUELS CORPCLNE21,690.000.41%$257,027
B. RILEY FINANCIAL INCRILY3,654.000.41%$254,318
NIC INCEGOV7,058.000.38%$239,619
HOSTESS BRANDS INCTWNK15,723.000.37%$228,770
COLUMBIA FINANCIAL INCCLBK12,153.000.35%$218,389
ST JOE CO.JOE4,862.000.35%$217,769
SLM CORP.SLM_US11,395.000.35%$215,935
TERADATA CORP.TDC5,382.000.34%$211,889

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  • Seeking to outpace major indices with reduced volatility.
  • Long-term investing goals, such as retirement, with a time horizon of five years or greater.
  • Long-term capital growth.

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