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Timothy Partners, Ltd. board of trustees quarterly meeting showing a board member taking notes on providing Christian services for Timothy Plan's pro life mutual funds and its stance on investing with Christian values and how it differs from socially responsible mutual funds.
Arthur D. Ally
(Chairman and President)
Timothy Plan President and Founder
Richard W. Copeland
Stetson University Associate Professor
Bill Johnson
American Decency Association President and Founder
Joseph E. Boatright
(Trustee, Emeritus)
Retired Pastor
John C. Mulder
WaterStone President
Alan M. Ross
(Trustee, Vice Chairman)
Corporate Development InsTitute Founder and CEO
Mathew D. Staver
Liberty Counsel Founder
Deborah Honeycutt
Clayton State University Health Services Medical Director
Patrice Tsague
Nehemiah Project International Ministries, Inc. President
Scott Preissler, Ph.D.
Executive Director of The National Center for Stewardship and Generosity, Owner/Currator of The Kingdom Generosity Collection