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International ETF
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Inception Date December 2, 2019
Ticker TPIF
Cusip 887432334
Category International
ISIN US8874323343
Exchange NYSE

Fund Details4,8 (as of 1/28/2020

NAV 25.37
NAV Change -0.21
NAV % Change (1.94)%
Bid/Ask Midpoint Data
Market Price Data
Premium Discount % 0.63
Volume 500
Shares Outstanding 1,000,000.00
Net Assets $25,365,953.40

Fund Yield (TBD)

30 Day SEC Yield N/A
30 Day SEC Unsubsidized Yield N/A
12 Month Distribution N/A
Dividend Yield N/A

Fees (as of 12/02/19)

Gross Expense Ratio .62
Net Expenses Ratio .62

Top Ten Holdings

As of 01/29/2020
NameSymbolShares HeldMarket Value %Market Value $
FORTIS INCFTS CN3,987.000.69%$175,679
NATIONAL BANK OF CANADANA CN2,584.000.57%$144,954
EMERA INCEMA CN3,137.000.57%$143,802
POWER ASSETS HOLDINGS LTD6 HK17,000.000.5%$125,825
CGI INCGIB/A CN1,375.000.47%$117,945
CANADIAN UTILITIES LTD-ACU CN3,854.000.46%$117,848
METRO INC.MRU CN2,865.000.46%$117,752
GIVAUDAN SA - REGGIVN SW35.000.45%$114,807
SGS HOLDINGS SASGSN SW38.000.44%$111,089

Is this etf right for you?

  • This ETF is committed to our comprehensive screening criteria.
  • Seeking to outpace major indices with reduced volatility.
  • Long-term investing goals, such as retirement, with a time horizon of five years or greater.
  • Long-term capital growth.

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ETF Risks

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