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Our Timeline - Through the Years

20 Jul 2017
Perseverance of the Faith-based Community Pushes Investment Pioneer, Timothy Plan, Over $1B
11 Apr 2016

Timothy Plan has existed for over twenty years, helping investors align their financial goals with their values in a way that honors God. We continue to be passionate about this approach to investing and believe this is a better way to invest.

28 Apr 2014
A short video explaining this history, purpose and plans for TPL.

Celebrating 20 years of Timothy Plan came with a redesign of our logo and a fresh new look. Our new logo combined a number of elements, some more subtle, and expressed them in a clean, simple design.

  • Shield (integrity and protection)
  • T (for Timothy Plan—it can also be interpreted as a cross)
  • Leaf (growth and life—the leaf shape viewed in connection to the base of T also implies a P)
  • Acorn (looking at the overall shield shape with the stem up top it resembles an acorn—representing investing for the future)
  • The choice of a classic looking serif font for "Timothy Plan" and the subhead communicates stability and trust
30 Oct 2013
01 Oct 2013
03 Dec 2012
11 Oct 2011
27 Jun 2011
4 Nov 2009
3 May 2007
20 Jan 2006
baby sucking thumb sleeping in his crib

Fourth annual pro-life concert to help raise money for local pro-life organizations: Adoption by Shepherd Care, Greater Orlando Right to Life, JMJ Life Center, Inc., Pro-Life Action Ministries, Sanctuary Ministries, Life for Kids, and True Life Choice.

29 Jan 2005
precious newborn laying on mother's chest resting

Third annual pro-life concert to help raise money for local pro-life organizations: Adoption by Shepherd Care, Greater Orlando Right to Life, JMJ Life Center, Inc., Pro-Life Action Ministries, Sanctuary Ministries, Life for Kids, and True Life Choice.

1 Nov 2004
Art Ally pictured holding the Biblical Stewardship Series

The Biblical Stewardship Seminar Series was authored by Art Ally along with major input from Randy Alcorn's book Money, Possessions, and Eternity and Howard Dayton, co-founder of Crown Financial Ministries's financial study. This Seminar Series presents a biblical model for not only handling finances but also family and cultural issues as well. The workshop has helped numerous Bible-believing Christians understand how to be good stewards of what God has entrusted to them and how to achieve financial contentment.

17 Jan 2004
newborn feet resting in mom's hands

Second annual pro-life concert to help raise money for local pro-life organizations: Adoption by Shepherd Care, Greater Orlando Right to Life, JMJ Life Center, Inc., Pro-Life Action Ministries, Sanctuary Ministries, Life for Kids, and True Life Choice.

11 Oct 2003
pro-life mom comforting crying newborn baby

Deborah Hart wanted to bring local pro-lifers and organizations together to celebrate life through music. Along with Timothy Plan's support, they successfully launched the first in a series of four pro-life concerts that helped raise money for local pro-life organizations: Adoption by Shepherd Care, Greater Orlando Right to Life, JMJ Life Center, Inc., Pro-Life Action Ministries, Sanctuary Ministries, Life for Kids, and True Life Choice.

5 Oct 2000
14 Jul 1999
3 Dec 1997
28 Aug 1995
28 May 1995
Christian Investor advocate Jonathan Byrd endorses Timothy Plan on race car

Jonathan Byrd (1952–2009) had a passion for God, food, and racing. He was a man that achieved a very high level of success in business, yet it was his passion for God that marked his life, particularly through generosity. Jonathan Byrd has likely supported more ministries and given away more Bibles than any man on earth.

All of us here at Timothy Plan and Timothy Partners, Ltd. are blessed to have known such a servant of God. He not only caught the vision of Timothy Plan, he put his money where his convictions were and became a significant investor in our fund at its launch. He has since become an invaluable equity partner in the company that operates what has now become the Timothy Plan family of mutual funds. It has been a long, hard road, and Jonathan has always been there for us with encouragement and counsel when we needed it most. His family continues his legacy, and Timothy Plan still shows up on the Jonathan Byrd Racing vehicles.

2 May 1994
Penny symbolizes how precious life is and valuable
23 Feb 1994
see a penny pick it up Abe Lincoln would promote wholesome living

Our first fund, Timothy Plan Fund, was a no-load mutual fund that filtered out investments in companies that are directly or indirectly involved in abortion or pornography. In addition, Timothy Plan Fund will not invest in any company directly involved in the production of alcohol, tobacco, or casino gambling. This no-load mutual fund was designed to allow Christian institutions and individuals the ability to match their investment decisions with their moral convictions and to do so without compromising investment performance opportunities.

Art Ally compared the Timothy Plan philosophy to that of Daniel in the Bible, where Daniel purposed not to defile himself by eating the King's royal food. Instead, he filtered out objectionable food and, after ten days, he and his friends were in much better health than those who ate the royal food. Likewise, Christians no longer have to invest in companies that operate contrary to their Christian world view.

3 Jan 1994
founding board members who embraced biblical principles

The original board of trustees for Timothy Plan. Back Row from left to right: Mark Schweizer (Trustee), Gregory F. Tighe (Executive Vice President/Secretary), Dr. J.C. Mitchell (Treasurer). Front Row from left to right: Wesley W. Pennington (Trustee), Arthur D. Ally (President).

1 Nov 1993
original timothy plan logo with image of monk representing biblical morals

The "Timothy Plan" name was an inspiration of Art Ally's wife, Bonnie. She was currently studying 1 Timothy and felt verses 5:8 and 22 defined the purpose of the fund perfectly.

Our desire to be biblically founded came through in our name, and our first logo image (a scribe writing God's Holy Word) showed our commitment to submit all aspects of our business to the Lord and His Word.

14 Jun 1993

At age 52, God called Art Ally to change his career path (a 15 year financial consultant/branch manager and 12 year public accountant) to launch America's first pro-life/pro-family mutual—fund. Through much prayer and faith in this calling, Mr. Ally sold his financial planning practice and pressed forward, moving into a nearby modest building, where Timothy Plan was born.

Raising one million dollars from a small group of loyal and faithful Christian investors through a local limited partnership (Timothy Partners, Ltd.), Mr. Ally went forth on the mission God had called him to embark upon.

Mr. Ally decided to initially focus on five major factors: abortion, pornography, alcohol, tobacco and casino gambling. Years later, the filters for anti-family entertainment and alternative lifestyles were added to the mix, rounding out the filters that the Timothy Plan is known for today.

2 Mar 1992

In 1992, Arthur Ally, then president and owner of Covenant Financial Management, was challenged to design a retirement plan for pastors of independent churches and offer it on a national scale. Mr. Ally searched the entire investment industry for any professionally managed program that would complement the Christian world-view of evangelical pastors.

The search unveiled several socially filtered funds, which only filtered for a few social issues such as alcohol and tobacco, but none that filtered for more central issues such as abortion and pornography. The Lord used this challenge to burden Mr. Ally and cause him to rethink the current investment culture and ask the Lord if there was a better way—a way that would honor the Lord and allow others to invest with a clean conscience.

Through prayer and soul searching, he was convicted to make a life changing move. Mr. Ally spent the next two years developing and testing a moral filtering model. This quest brought some very uplifting results, since the majority of companies, not necessarily run by Christians, had moral ethics that passed the biblical filters placed over them. That discovery indicated the potential for a filtered fund to enjoy comparable performance to non-filtered mutual funds.

6 Oct 1991

In 360 cities nationwide, close to 700,000 participants lined intersections to declare their support for the unborn and to raise awareness that abortion kills children. Florida had the strongest turnout of the nation, and Art Ally had the privilege to help organize Orlando's life chain with 20,000 people attending near downtown Orlando.

20 Jul 1991
handwritten notes by Art Ally outlining the next ProLife organization
20 May 1991
Christians for the sanctity of life stand in line with signs for ProLife
22 Feb 1990
Baptist Layman Organizes Orlando pro-life rally
22 Jan 1988
caricature of people rallying around a newborn baby

Art Ally aligned with hundreds of others to stand for the protection of the unborn in Boca Raton. He served regularly as a volunteer for Why We Stand in the late 80s. This served to fuel his unwavering passion in for the protection of the lives of the unborn.

15 Jan 1988
20 Oct 1987
Bear Facts

Art Ally, branch manager of Shearson Lehman Brothers' Boca Raton operation, says that his office is heavily entrenched in financial planning as it relates to investment portfolio. Because the investment programs there are in all aspect of the market place, diversification insulates their investors, says Ally.

"We're not an aggressive kamikaze-type of trading house here," says Ally. "When the market is crashing, we don't die."

20 Oct 1987
Why We Stand

By day's end (October 19, 1987), the Dow Jones average crashed to 1,738.74, a loss of nearly 1,000 points from the year's high set last summer.

"We've just seen a year's worth of movement corrected in one day," said Art Ally, Shearson Lehman's Boca Raton branch manager. "It makes no sense; it's purely emotional, a real panic!'

Earlier, when volume hit 300 million shares, Ally said that traders were worried whether the market's computers could handle 500 million orders, as the tape ran more than an hour behind the heavy trading. It had never been tested beyond 412 million shares. "I think we're close to the bottom," Ally said. "I definitely would not be selling now. On a value basis, there are some great buys today."

6 Apr 1985
Studying for the CFP<sup>®</sup>

Never being one to stay idle, Art buckled down to study and become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ® so he could be more knowledgeable and better able to serve his clients.

24 Jun 1984
Art Ally at Shearson - Ormond Beach, FL

Not long after returning to Florida, Art Ally was asked by Shearson Lehman/American Express to help open a new branch as Branch Manager.

11 Jul 1983
Art Ally at Shearson - Winter Park, FL

After spending a few years as Branch Manager for Bache Halsey Stuart Shields Incorporated in Lexington, Kentucky, Art returned to Florida to provide financial services to clients through Shearson Lehman/American Express's Winter Park branch.

15 Jul 1978

After serving as a Certified Public Accountant for four years with Gulf Oil Corporation, Art Ally moved his family to Florida and began his journey in the financial planning arena with Bache Halsey Stuart Shields Incorporated.

9 Aug 1974
Picture of Art and Bonnie Ally in 1974

Arthur Ally earned his Certified Public Accountant license and took a job as an accountant with Gulf Oil Corporation. He maintained his CPA license for five years.